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Electrical Services


At Alliance Construction electrical division, we are committed to delivering safe, top-notch, and dependable services across various sectors of the Industrial and Electrical Utility industry. Whether it's I&E installations for the oil and gas sector, or 50KV medium voltage utility grid setups, we boast a proficient team and an extensive fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles and tools to ensure the smooth execution of any project. Apart from our expertise in heavy industrial and utility projects, we specialize in commercial new construction and renovations, catering to projects of all sizes. Additionally, we offer emergency troubleshooting and repair services to address immediate concerns.

Keep your office brightly lit with Alliance Construction overseeing your electrical needs. Our seasoned electricians bring extensive experience catering to both small and large businesses in the El Paso area. Trust our electrical contractors to:


- Handle the installation of electrical wiring for your new office space
- Expertly rewire your recently renovated building
- Conduct routine maintenance checks on your property's electrical system
- Install a variety of light fixtures tailored to your preferences
- Upgrade your current electrical setup to improve efficiency and safety
- Install of upgrade electrical gear such as UPS systems, transformers, & panel upgrades


At Alliance Construction, safety takes precedence above all else. Through a proactive approach to safety, we implement a recurring schedule of training sessions and annual refresher courses, reinforcing our safety protocols and fostering a robust safety culture that extends to our clients, their facilities, and the surrounding areas. Our safety practices include Job Hazard Analysis, Joint Job Site Visits, 100% work stoppages when necessary, and regular tailgate safety sessions. These tools are instrumental in safeguarding the well-being of our personnel, protecting property, and preserving the environment. We maintain strong relationships with regulatory bodies such as OSHA, MSHA, and LAHJ to continuously enhance safety awareness and uphold our outstanding safety record rated "A" by ISNetworld. Our ultimate objective is to create a workplace free from incidents and accidents, ensuring that everyone returns home safely at the end of each day.

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